When vacationing in Italy, San Remo is a city that is worth a visit. The city of San Remo was founded in Roman times and is a very popular tourist location due to the Italian Riviera, the San Remo Music Festival, and a cycling classic. The city has around 57,000 people currently residing there. San Remo is also a great place to visit year round if you’re looking for an excellent swimming location. Thanks to its location, San Remo has a mild climate year round making swimming possible whenever you visit.

The San Remo Music Festival is worth checking out if you’re in the city of San Remo during the dates the festival occurs. This festival is a contest between Italian singers.


Awards are also given to the winners in the competition. The festival began in 1951 and has occurred every year following. The competition takes place inside of the Ariston Theatre which is typically surrounded by crowds when the festival is taking place. The town is heavily decorated with lights and provides a very fun atmosphere for tourists.

Another great thing to do while in San Remo is watching the Milano-San Remo Cycling race. This race begins in the city of Milan and the riders will make their way to the city of San Remo where the finish line is located. This one-day event occurs in the spring time and is 185 miles long. In the late spring, there is another cycle race that is for any amateurs that wish to participate. During this race, anyone can race the route that the actual cycling race takes place on. This can be a great experience for visiting cycle riders as they will get to see exactly what the racers go through to make it to the finish line.

If sports or music isn’t what you’re looking for, San Remo also has many tourist sites worth visiting.

San Remo Poster
Old Poster of San Remo from Library of Congress Collection

The oldest part of San Remo, known as La Pigna, has historic buildings, churches, and squares that tourists can visit to learn more about the history. Above La Pigna, the Madonna Della Costa Sanctuary sits on a hilltop. This sanctuary dome was built between the years 1770 and 1775. Inside of the sanctuary, you will find an altar, organ, paintings, and statues. San Remo has many gardens that can be visited. One of the gardens is located above La Pigna. This garden is called the Gardens of Queen Elena. On the east side of the town, there are three more gardens. These gardens are of the Villa Zirio, Villa Nobeland Palazzo Bellevue, and Villa Ormond.

With many things to do and see in San Remo, it is a very popular tourist city in Italy. Whether you’re looking for arts, music, sports, rivers, or history, the city has something for everyone. With its harbor full of restaurants and cafes, San Remo is sure to be a place worth visiting if you’re looking for a great place to spend a day or two.